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SiC Rods

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Standard Erema SiC heating elements are manufactured using recrystallized silicon carbide and suit a variety of applications; however they are limited in their ability to withstand chemical attack at elevated temperatures (for instance at temperatures over 1300°C, with a low dew-point atmosphere, standard SiC element service life will be shortened by an extreme reaction with nitrogen.) To overcome these issues, a high density, high strength and very durable heating element - the Super SA was developed. The Super SA elements demonstrate a longer service life, resultant cost savings and the ability to operate at higher temperatures. Furnaces using Super SA elements have reduced maintenance costs with less down-time production losses due to element failure. With the need to purchase fewer replacement elements and resultant increased productivity and furnace flexibility the SA is the obvious choice for aggressive atmospheres. This unique highly functional element is able to be used in applications up to 1600°C where conventional bar type Sic elements cannot.