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MD Elements

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Erema Molybedenum Disilicide (MD) range of Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2) heating elements are capable of withstanding oxidation at elevated furnace temperatures.

Erema MD (MoSi2) elements can operate in the temperature range 1200 – 1850°C element temperature and capable of rapid heating in a wide number of applications.

Typical high temperature applications include Sintering Furnaces, glass melting, incinerators, dental furnaces, and R&D Laboratory furnaces.

  • Capable of operating in oxidizing atmospheres up to an maximum element temperature of 1850°C
  • Provides long element life – high level of production
  • Easy to install and replace when necessary
  • New and used elements can be connected in the same electrical series circuit configuration
  • Provides high power concentration
  • May be used in continuous or intermittent operation
  • Capable of fast heat up ramping.