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SiC Rods

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Erema Silicon carbide (SiC) electric heating elements for element temperatures up to 1600°C, available in a wide variety of standard sizes and geometries, or in customized designs to meet the specific needs of various processes and equipment Sic heating elements are refractory, non-metallic products of round section or tubular form of a uniform diameter throughout their length Erema Sic heating elements, are manufactured from high-purity, recrystallized Alpha silicon carbide, and have earned the reputation as the world’s leading Sic heating elements. These elements are widely used as high-temperature heat sources for electric furnaces and for the firing of ceramic capacitors, ferrites and other electronic components that are commonly used in mobile phones and computers.

Sic heating elements are capable of high power output, and may be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Because the element material remains rigid even at the maximum operating temperatures, no special supports are required, which simplifies the design of the equipment?

  • Maximum element operating temperatures 1600 - 1650°C
  • High density element surface power loading (15W/cm2), approximately 5-10 times the output of Nichrome wire
  • High Mechanical strength throughout their operating temperature range
Excellent Thermal shock resistance
  • Chemically stable
  • Heat source is free of noise and air pollution
  • Various coating products are available for protection against water vapour and harmful gas atmosphere
  • Easy to handle and install
No need for complex support systems - Sic is self-supporting
  • Higher density resulting in longer life
  • Wide variety of shapes available

Typical Applications

Erema Sic heating elements can be used in a diverse number of heat treatment processes and across a wide temperature range from 500 - 1600°C, below is a list of some typical applications where Erema elements are used:

Metal Industries
  • Powder metallurgy sintering
  • Solution, molten cast holding, and aging processing of aluminum alloy
  • Gas carburizing hardening of components for automotive, aircrafts, and machinery
  • Carburizing, nitriding, and bright annealing for steel parts
  • Hardening and tempering of various dies
  • Brightness processing of die steel
  • Tempering and soldering of machine components
  • Carbon and sulphur analysis, tempering process for band steel
  • Patenting processing for steel wire
Electronics Industry
  • Firing of ceramic capacitors
  • Sintering of alumina and steatite
  • Firing of piezoelectric elements
  • Firing of I.C. substrate and grazing
  • Firing of ceramic resistors, varistor and thermistors
  • Temporary sintering and calculations of soft and hard ferrite
  • Heat treatment of shadow mask for colour TV, pure iron, permalloy, bright annealing of silicon steel plate, heat treatment of copper soldering, optical fibre, and compact discs
Porcelain Industry
  • Fusion, retention, and gradual cooling of glass
  • Surface treatment of glass
  • Heat treatment of liquid crystal
  • Lens matching
  • Manufacturing of safety glass
  • Manufacturing of ceramics and glass fibre
  • Manufacturing of various fine ceramics
  • Firing of quartz raw materials
  • Firing of porcelain enamel
  • Firing of ceramic ware
  • Firing of grind stone
  • Test for various refractory products
Chemical Industry
  • Firing of fluorescent paint
  • Firing of various pigments
  • Firing of carriers and catalyst
  • Heating of reactive gas
  • Coal carbonization
  • Firing of activated carbon
  • Cleaning furnace and deodorizing furnace
  • Various high temperature test furnaces
  • Ignition of gas and kerosene appliances
  • Ignition of various types of industrial equipment
  • Various high temperature tests
  • Local heating
  • Ash melting surface