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SiC Rods

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Standard se 2x
Standard EREMA heating elements are made from re-crystallized silicon carbide and are used in a wide variety of applications. For furnaces with a special atmosphere or where a volatile chemical may be generated during the heating process care must be taken with the element design and application. Aggressive and corrosive atmospheres may cause damage to the Sic structure, rapid oxidization, increased resistance and a subsequent decrease in element life - this process is called ageing.

To reduce this affect EREMA offer a range of protective coatings. These coatings, which are application specific, create a protective surface film that helps protect the Sic structure from chemical attack.

As an extension and refinement of this technology, and to further improve element performance, TKK have now developed the EREMA SE type for rigorous environments.

Recently developed, using technology unique to TKK, the SE type differs significantly from conventional SiC heating elements.

During manufacture, using material similar to the coating applied to standard EREMA elements, the SE type is infused to form a protect deposit throughout the Sic structure - not just on the surface.

This protective deposit in depth affords the SE type greater durability when used in aggressive atmospheres or where corrosive gases may be present.