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Furnace Tubes and Shapes

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Erema TN is a new material made of sintered silicon nitride (Si3N4). This material has outstanding performance characteristics, and can provide improved cost performance compared to conventional products, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including aluminum melting. Tokai is the only manufacturer who produces both the Sic heating elements and the Si3N4 protection tube in house, so we can offer a matched set of these two products. This creates a perfect one stop shop for our customers.

Thermocouple tubes are made of Si3N4 ceramics for use in the aluminum and aluminum alloy casting industry. Silicon Nitride ceramics have excellent thermal shock resistance, good strength and corrosion resistance.

  • A dense silicon nitride sintered body
  • High thermal shock resistance due to high strength and toughness
  • Low wettability against molten aluminum
  • High corrosion resistance against corrosive gas
  • Superior quality despite lower cost

Stalk/riser tubes are designed as a conduit for pressure delivery of aluminum from furnace to the mould. These tubes are the ideal material for the metallurgy industry because of its excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance and low thermal-expansion.