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Erema is the brand for Tokai Carbon Italia heating technology products and services. The Erema brand belongs to Tokai Konetsu Kogyo of Japan, a sister business area within the Tokai Carbon Group.

Erema a world-leading brand in the area of electric heating technology, with a long history of innovation and development, Erema products are used in a diverse spectrum of applications, for generation of furnace heating system solutions.

The Erema range provides a wide range of high quality manufactured products and technical design and support to ensure you obtain the optimum heating solution to surpass your expectations.

Erema Technology offers a diverse portfolio of high quality engineered products based on an innovative and integrated production platform and continuous research and development program to provide premium standard and customised products.

Decades of experience coupled with materials expertise and application knowledge Erema furnace products and services continue to provide improved productivity, reliability and cost efficiency while often reducing the environmental impact in a wide variety of industry segments.